The „Audit Company Dobrevi“ Ltd. was established in February 1998 by two Certified Public Accountants. The company specializes in audit and accounting services.
The company is registered as a specialized audit company by the Bulgarian INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS (ICPA).

The Team

The team is composed of registered auditors and professionals with a high degree of experience in accounting and the conduct of audits of financial statements of businesses in different industries prepared in accordance with the national and international financial reporting standards.

Margarita Dobreva
Margarita Dobreva is a registered auditor since 1992. Previously she worked as a head accountant and as a lecturer at the University of Economics – Varna. Ms Dobreva has gained considerable experience in the auditing of businesses with various fields of activity and also international program projects. She also participates as an instructor in accounting and tax seminars.
Nikolay Dobrev
Nikolay Dobrev is a registered auditor since 1995. Mr. Dobrev has gained professional experience as a head accountant and financial inspector and complemented it with expertise in the auditing of transport, manufacturing, construction, commerce and other companies.